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0 310k Installed Rooftop Solar
0% 35.9% Renewable Energy Generation
0% 3% of House Holds use GreenPower

Its easy to switch to GreenPower and use accredited Renewable Energy, click to below to start helping the environment

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Our Mission

  • Raise Sustainability Awareness

    With only 3% of Australian households using GreenPower products, its our aim to help increase this figure much higher

  • Leading Sustainability Mindset

    With the right education and information Australia can become a market leading in sustainability and this starts with the consumer choosing an accredited renewable energy plan for their homes

  • Carbon Footprint Education

    Our carbon footprints are ever increasing, there are simple ways of reducing our carbon footprint in our daily lives, we will help educate you on how this is possible

  • Smarter Energy Consumption

    Changed habits in our daily lives to help reduce power, higher energy rating housing designs, solar with battery storage for greater benefit are all simple things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint that we need to make part of our daily lives.

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